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Welcome to our driving school

The first step towards obtaining a German driving licence is to apply to a driving school (Fahrschule). Valid licences from EU member states are also valid in Germany. Holders of these licences may also obtain a German driving licence without taking a test. There is no time limit for the application.  Holders of driving licences from certain countries may obtain a German driving licence without having to take a test, within three years of arrival in Germany.

Drivers must apply for a German licence. A first aid course and an eye test are required, in addition to written and road tests. Driving lessons are not mandatory.  

Learning to drive in Germany is a rather costly process. For the normal license you have to do a mandatory 14 theoretical lessons, 12 practical lessons (4 motorway, 3 night time, 5 country roads), and then however number of actual lessons are required for the actual driving process. Then come extra costs for the test itself and getting the license.

If you already have a driving license from a country other than Germany, and you need information on getting it converted to a German license, then read this article: Converting to a German driving license.

Here is what you need if you apply for your driving license at the government agency:

  • Application Bürgeramt
  • ID-card or passport
  • Eye test certificate
  • First aid course certificate
  • Passport photo
  • 48,25 EU fee
  • Your driving license and the translation copys 

Our Prices

Basic Fee incl. all Theory Lessons

30,00 €

Practical Lesson 40 Min.

27,50 €

Mandatory Lesson 45 Min.

35,00 €

Theory Test 

22,84 €

Practical Test at the Driving School

110,00 €


18:30 PM -20:00 PM


18:30 PM - 20.00 PM


17:00 PM - 18:30 PM


12:30 PM - 14:00 PM

Theory times

Theory contants / Dates

Topic 1: Personal preconditions / risk factor Human beings, physical abilities
Topic 2: Legal general conditions / driving of motor vehicles
Topic 3: Basic rules, traffic signs, road traffic regulations
Topic 4: Road traffic system and its usage, railway crossings
Topic 5: Right of way
Topic 6: Flow regulation by traffic lights et c
Topic 7: Speed, distance and ozone-friendly driving
Topic 8: Other participants of road traffic, public transport
Topic 9: Behaviour while drive manoeuvres, traffic observation
Topic 10:  Stationary traffic, waiting and parking
Topic 11: Behaviour in certain situations, results of offence against regulations
Topic 12: Lifelong learning, beginners and young drivers